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Download our white paper to learn how Signals Analytics' end-to-end platform harnesses the power of external data to inform decisions, accelerate development and mitigate risk.

The world produces 2.5 quintillion (billion billion) bytes every day. Within this ever-expanding deluge of data lies clues that businesses can use to guide their decision making. The one, not-so-minor problem is that many of these insights (often the most valuable ones) are spread across a myriad of unconnected sources.

Conquering the external data challenge is particularly relevant to the pharmaceutical industry where data-backed insights can focus development efforts and mitigate the risks and not-insubstantial costs of drug innovation

The scale of these analytics efforts would have been unthinkable just 10 years ago, but with Signals Analytics, pharmaceutical companies are able to connect and organize unstructured data from thousands of scientific and market sources in order to:

  • Uncover Competitive Strategies:Identify threats and compare market and pipeline performance against competitors.
  • Prioritize R&D Pipelines:Benchmark clinical and preclinical programs, reducing the opportunity cost of your pipeline to achieve a competitive product.
  • Surface Early Innovation: Discover early drugs and concepts across technologies and therapeutic areas.
  • Identify Promising Partners & Assets:Landscape, recognize, and benchmark potential partnerships and assets.
Download this white paper to take a peek under the hood at the technologies that enable the Signals Analytics' platform to translate disparate 0s and 1s into actionable on-demand insights.

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