Kenshoo to Acquire Signals Analytics to Fuel Intelligent Go-to-Market for Brands.

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The process of launching a new product in the market can be a daunting one, even for premier well-known brands, like a major petcare company that was struggling to keep up their desired pace of innovation.

To solve the problem, they sought an external data analysis framework that:

  • Is highly automated, rather than dependent on human analysis and monitored focus groups
  • Delivers timely, ongoing insights, rather than just retrospective analysis or a onetime data sets
  • Provides a full market landscape view, rather than just depending on one type of data

After launching a rigorous selection process to rate the available business intelligence vendors, this company decided to move forward with Signals Analytics.

The decision was based on Signals Analytics’ ability to configure the platform to their needs and deliver timely and actionable business intelligence that was based on a broad range of data sources and data types.

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