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Building a more effective ecosystem

With partners that feed social, product, financial, technology, business, demographic, sales and other data types into our platform and consulting firms, integrators and market research agencies that enhance their offerings with our analytics, we connect all the stakeholders of the data ecosystem. Together, we enhance the overall value of data and deliver the power of advanced analytics to market.


Types of Partners

Our partners are an important part of our ecosystem. Some partners feed data into our platform while others leverage the insights our platform uncovers to better serve their customers.

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Data Partners
Data Partners

Give us a feed of your e-commerce, retail, consumer, financial, business and technology data and together we will create joint offerings and new growth opportunities.

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Integrators/BI platforms
Integrators/BI platforms

Integrate the analytics and predictive insights from our platform into yours and optimize an offering with internal and external data sets to meets your clients’ business needs.

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Consulting firms/agencies
Consulting firms/agencies

Enhance your consulting and market research offerings with unbiased data-driven insights and automated, continuous intelligence.

Benefits of partnering with us

Expanded growth opportunities

New Solutions

Signals Analytics creates differentiated, value-add solutions


Target multiple stakeholders across the enterprise with a solution that addresses multiple use cases



Joint marketing and sales enablement

Assets and Campaign Production

We will work with your team to produce joint collateral, customizable campaigns, curated events and activities


Gain access to our sales enablement collateral and ongoing training

Customer Support

Ongoing sales and support throughout the lifecycle of the customer

Joint Marketing & Sales Enablement


Cutting-edge advanced analytics

Enhanced customer experience

Platform is configurable to meet the customer needs including data feeds, taxonomies, integrations and visualizations

More actionable insights

Supports multiple industries and cross-categories which makes it relevant to a broad range of clients

Automated data collection and processing

Ingests and connects countless rich external data sources with built-in analytic apps



In Their Own Words


Are you looking to support a more effective data ecosystem or serve customer needs for more meaningful insights? Get in touch with us and let's unleash the power of external data together.