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Winning in Digital Shopper Marketing with Full Circle Market Intelligence

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The concept of shopper marketing isn’t new. But with online sales at an all-time high, brands have to rethink how it applies to the digital world as the convergence of ecommerce and shopper marketing accelerates. Whilst the opportunity to re-invent consumer relationships and take advantage of an entirely new path-to-purchase is compelling, it’s not without its challenges. 72% of brands in a recent poll highlighted that they do not have the data, tools or know-how to embrace digital shopper marketing to its full potential.

Join Kenshoo as we take a look at how leading brands have undergone a mindset shift in how they engage with digital shoppers and the sophisticated ways in which they are utilizing data and insights to build customer-centric organizations.

You will learn:

  • What full-circle market intelligence is and how it applies to digital shopper marketing
  • How brands are re-thinking the data sets they need in order to maximize the digital shopper marketing opportunity
  • What success looks like in this digital shopping world
  • How to use AI and advanced analytics to understand which channel and what products are the best fit for your shopper’s needs
  • How a leading consumer brand is managing the convergence of digital and physical worlds 


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