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Brands were already in the throes of digital transformation pre-pandemic. But with COVID-19 fundamentally changing the way consumers think, feel, behave and interact with brands - and ecommerce being thrust into the spotlight - they’re left grappling with how to adjust to evolving business models and consumer behaviors.

The focus for many is now on providing customers with seamless digital experiences and improving speed to market. To support this they are investing in gaining insights into consumer behavior and sentiment - not only to meet and exceed expectations today, but in order to anticipate future needs and trends. According to KPMG, brands investing in data and analytics to support this are already out-performing their competitors by 20-30 percent.

Join us for an exclusive, virtual roundtable on May 11th at 11am ET as we bring together a group of business leaders to discuss how you are adapting to the need for customer-obsessed business post-pandemic. Topics for discussion include:

  • How have the events of 2020 changed the demands on brands to become customer-obsessed?
  • What challenges have these new demands surfaced and how are you overcoming them?
  • How is your organization using consumer and market insights for competitive advantage?
  • What does your journey to becoming customer-obsessed look like? What investments are you prioritizing and what are your biggest learning’s to date?


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