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Signals Analytics Joins Nielsen Connect Partner Network

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New York (December 11, 2019) – Signals Analytics, the next generation advanced analytics platform that leverages external data to uncover trends and predictive insights, today announced that it has joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, the industry's largest open ecosystem of tech-driven solution providers for retailers and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Available through Nielsen’s Global Connect Business, this relationship expands the reach of Signals Analytics’ unmatched market insights platform to Nielsen’s customers, while also strengthening the company’s predictive models and market intelligence.

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With the proliferation of data coming from a multitude of sources, companies seek integrated solutions to understand trends, help their business grow, and make predictive decisions that impact their bottom line. Signals Analytics combines principles honed from the military with patent-pending artificial intelligence techniques to harmonize disparate external data sets, extract context and meaningful insights from them, uncover business opportunities and help forecast what consumers will be purchasing in the future. Point-of-sale data from Nielsen Global Connect contributes to the data lake that Signals Analytics manages, providing the ability to quantify growth opportunities in a more precise way.

“Identifying trends and understanding consumer preferences drives the competitive edge that companies need, not only to stay ahead, but to keep their place at the top,” said Gil Sadeh, CEO of Signals Analytics. “We have designed the Signals Analytics platform to do just that, combining and contextualizing a wide array of external data sources to separate the signals from the noise and develop a more accurate and complete picture of what is happening in the market. Nielsen Global Connect’s data strengthens our ability to derive these powerful insights and to generate accurate and timely predictions.”

“We are pleased that Signals Analytics is now part of the Nielsen Connect Partner Network,” said Brett Jones, Global Leader, Nielsen Connect Partner Network. “Now enhanced by the inclusion of Nielsen data, Signals Analytics’ ability to connect multiple external data sources into a single advanced analytics platform will empower and bring value to the mutual companies that we serve. Through our partnership, we are fueling a smarter market.”

To further illustrate the power of the combined Signals Analytics and Nielsen offering, both companies will be hosting a joint webinar in early 2020, focused on the use of artificial intelligence to drive CPG product decisioning and the future of analytics.

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With next-generation advanced analytics, Signals Analytics powers the future of market intelligence with the scale and speed of AI. The configurable data platform connects and classifies countless rich, external sources into unified contextual data, and augments analytic applications with unparalleled accuracy and scale. Patented machine learning, NLP and data automation technologies leapfrog traditional approaches of data collection and management to help organizations maximize the impact of advanced analytics and harness the power of external data to drive successful business outcomes. Business users, consumer and market insights teams and data & analytics organizations leverage the platform to surface powerful trends and predictive insights and benefit from business-ready applications and integrations of the data into their business intelligence environments. Trusted by an impressive roster of global brands including Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, Roche, Mars and others who experience higher sustainable growth, faster time to insight and other data-driven benefits, Signals Analytics is redefining the world of market intelligence. For more information visit

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