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Future proof your business with the power of external data analytics.

Go beyond internal sources and social listening tools and harness the power of external data to make smart business decisions based on evidence, not opinion. 

Our platform's robust, patented NLP technologies and taxonomies reach deep, connecting disparate sources to pull out what is really important and relevant to your enterprise. 

You’ll be in tune with your customer, have a holistic understanding of the market and be armed with actionable market intelligence that puts you in the driver seat ahead of the competition. 


Our patented NLP and AI technologies deliver SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OUTCOMES


time-to-market for new products

50% Fewer

product modifications after launch


time-to-insights versus traditional market research 

90% lower

cost for market research and consulting

Industry-specific focus

Smart contextual engines combined with domain expertise surface trends and predictive insights that are critical for making strategic and tactical business decisions – from ideation, to launch, product strategy, portfolio optimization, marketing and more.

Want to partner with us and fuel a smarter data ecosystem? Whether you are a data provider, business intelligence platform or consulting firm, we want to join forces.

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Are you looking for a next-generation advanced analytics platform that can help uncover trends and insights?